How to register my profile online?

Creating a profile on is free. Go to home page on and select the option Register free. Fill the REGISTRATION FORM provide name, age, gender, e-mail ID. Contact details, DOB, Religion, Mother Tongue, Caste/Division and Living In i.e. E-mail id and mobile/landline number are mandatory. You will have to enter on a couple of pages the details of the person intending to get married. Once you complete the registration form the profile is screened and made available to be viewed by other members within 24 hrs. You shall be given a ‘Shubhabibaha ID' generated for future references and login purposes.

What is profile validation?

All the profiles are validated before inclusion in the database. The Validation of profile will take just 24 Hour Turn around Time. Our support team will carefully validate each and every profile carefully on specific criterion before it is added to our database. Confirmation E-mail will be sent to you once the profile is validated and added.

What are the criteria of a profile Validation?

We carefully verify each and every word. We categorically ignore profiles that are submitted by underage persons, and profiles that contain abusive content. We reject profiles that contain invalid data such as added for fun/looking for friendship/not related to marriage. We try and maintain the highest quality in the database we serve to ensure only members who are serious about marriage make use of the service.

Single registration - multiple domains

BV shall act on the basis of the information that may be submitted by you, believing the same to be true and accurate even if the information is provided during the registration by your family, friends, relatives on your behalf under your express consent . BV is under no obligation to verify the accuracy or genuineness of the information submitted by you.

Can 2 profiles be registered with the same number?

Mobile numbers are also unique for each profile. However as an exception profiles of different people from the same family can be created using the same contact number. In such a scenario both the profiles numbers need to be verified manually by calling the helpline.

Can I register on behalf of someone else?

- Yes, you can register on behalf of someone else.


- You can register for your sister/brother/Daughter/Son/Relatives and himself with the different shubhabibaha Profile ID. A shubhabibaha Profile ID identifies each person uniquely. Please register separate profiles for you and your sibling for individual partner searches. Only need to mention that profiles being registered by parents, siblings, relatives, etc.


- E-mail id is utilized as an alternate login id and hence is unique for each profile. Once a e-mail id is updated on the website then it gets recorded in our database and cannot be used again even after deleting the profile.

What should I enter in the profile description field?

- Your profile description will represent yourself & your personality, your likes and dislikes, your educational and family background, career and personal interests, and expectations about your partner. Always mention a clear self-description and a complete picture of what you expect. A good description will always fetch instant responses. Look at the sample profiles below, which are clear, brief and have all the important details in a well-organized manner.


Below is the sample profile to help you for description field.


I am a friendly, fun-loving person. I have a pleasing personality. I hold a bachelors degree in Dental Surgery. I am working as an associate doctor in a private hospital for the past 5 years in Mumbai. My hobbies are listening to music (any kind of music, whichever is soothing) and travelling. We have an open-minded, religious family. My Father is a retired Asst. Engineer from Maharashtra state government and mother is a simple, loving and caring housewife. I have one sister and one brother, both elder and married. My sister is a Bank officer in SBI and the brother is employed in reputed IT Company. My ideal partner will be someone who is intelligent, caring, broad-minded and has a good sense of humor. I believe that love, trust, understanding and commitment are the four pillars of any relation and this is what I am looking for in my partner.

How do I change / edit my profile?

The profile post creation can be edited by going to My Profile link. Once you login, go to My Profile link and click on the edit option next to the information you wish to change. However any changes are again screened and are visible within 24 hrs.

Can I change all the information on my profile?

Except certain basic details like Date of Birth, Marital Status, Gender and Username all the rest of the information can be changed. If you wish to change these fields then the same can be done by our servicing team provided you have not contacted other members via "Express Interest" / "Acceptance". To change these fields just email to us on and attach a photo ID proof which validates the Date of Birth.

How I can delete my profile?

We hope that you want to delete your profile because you have found your soul-mate. If you are angry with us because you had a bad experience with a member, then let us know. In case you are annoyed because we call you/email/SMS to you very often, then you can switch of these services from the control panel.

To delete the profile post login go to Settings option on the top left corner, next to logout option. Select Hide/Delete profile section. Click on the 'Permanently Delete your Profile' radio button and select an appropriate reason for deleting your profile and reconfirm the password. In case you have found your partner through, we will be happy if you share your success story with us. You will also receive a surprise gift from us if you got engaged/married through us.

How do I get my profile back on site after I have deleted it?

Once a profile is deleted then a request from the registered e-mail id needs to be sent to Do mention why you had deleted the profile and why you want to retrieve it now. A reply will be received within 24 hrs confirming if the profile can be retrieved or not.

Which information from my profile will be displayed to other members?

Free members can view only some of your details. Free members cannot view your mobile number, horoscope, etc. Paid members can view all your details.

Are there any privacy options for my matrimonial profile display?

Definitely there is. There are mainly 3 visibility options that you can apply to your matrimonial profile:


1-Allow my detailed profile to be viewed by all visitors. (Recommended)

2-Allow my detailed profile to be viewed only by registered users who pass my filters.

3-Don't show my detailed profile or summary profile to any user, I will search and contact profiles.


You can change the visibility options by clicking on the 'Profile Visibility' link in the Settings menu on the top left of the page after logging in.

How can I opt for a customized Profile id?

There is no option to opt for a personalized Profile Id. Profile id is system generated and is assigned automatically. Once generated it cannot be changed.

Can I use the same e-mail ID for multiple registrations?

No, E-mail id is utilized as an alternate login id and hence is unique for each profile. Once a e-mail id is updated on the website then it gets recorded in our database and cannot be used again even after deleting the profile.

What is Mobile Number Verification? is the world's top site to display 100% verified mobile numbers. So, unless you verify your mobile number, you cannot use our service. The verification process is done free of cost. Only paid members can view your mobile number and you will also get to know the members who have viewed your mobile number.

How I can verify my mobile number?

Enter your mobile No. and get OTP (One Time Password) on your Mobile through our auto SMS and Enter the same OTP into our system & get verified quickly.

How to hide mobile number?

Login to your account. In the My Home page, click on Edit Profile section. Under Edit Contact Details, click on edit mobile number link. In the mobile verification page, click on Hide Mobile Number link to hide your mobile number.

Members who viewed my mobile number?

Login to your account. In the My Home page, under Views, click on the link "members who viewed my mobile number."

How do I create a complete profile?

A quick careful glance of the following topics will help you to include photos, horoscope, voice profile, references, etc. to make your profile complete.


How many photos can I add?

You can add up to ten photos to your profile. Photo must be a .gif, .jpg format, no larger than 10MB.


How to upload photos?

-Login using your ID/E-mail ID and Password.
-Click on the Edit Profile section.
-Click on the Add Photo link under Edit My Profile heading.
-In the Add Photo page, click on the Browse button.
-Select your photo in jpg/gif format and click Upload Photo.
-Upload photo by importing them from your Facebook account.
-Crop your photo as required to show the image appropriately.


How to crop the picture?

-Move the cursor and select the image of your face within the square as much as you wish.
-Add a caption to the photo. It can have a maximum of 100 characters with spaces.


What are the other ways to add photos?

-E-mail your photo to indicating your Profile ID and Password.
-Post your photo to our office with your Profile ID and Password.
-We will upload your photo to your profile free of cost.


What is photo validation process?

Every photo posted on our website involves a manual screening. The turnaround time for validation is 2 hour. Only after the photo is validated it will be available for all members to see.


How do I protect my photo?

-This is an exclusive feature available only to paid members.
-You can protect your photo with a Password and only those members with whom you share your Password can view your photo.
Note: If you forget your Password, you can set a new Password but you cannot retrieve the old one.


How do I unprotect my photo?

-This is an exclusive feature available only to paid members. Click on the Edit Profile section.
-Click on the Edit Photo link under Enhance My Profile heading.
-In the Edit Photo page, click on the Unprotect Photo section.
-Click on the Unprotect Photo button to display your photo to all.


How to delete photos?

-Login using your Profile ID/E-mail ID and Password.
-Click on the Edit Profile section.
-Click on the Edit Photo link under Enhance My Profile heading.
-In the Edit Photo page, below the photo you want to delete is a delete link. Click on the delete link to delete the photo.


What is photo security?

-This is a feature by which each photo will have a shubhabibaha watermark image.
-This helps to protect the photo and hence the photo cannot be copied or tampered with.


What is request for photo?

This feature helps you to send a request to a member to add his/her photo if he/she has not added one.


How to add a horoscope?

-Login using your Matrimony ID/E-mail ID and Password.
-Click on the Edit Profile section.
-Click on the Add Horoscope link under Enhance My Profile heading.
-Fill up the form to generate your horoscope online or upload your horoscope if you already have a horoscope.
-If you're uploading a horoscope make sure the horoscope is in JPG/GIF format. Your horoscope will be validated before it is added to your profile.
-If you're generating a horoscope online, please wait for a few minutes as your horoscope will be generated and displayed in a new window. Please make sure you're popup blocker is turned off.


Generate a horoscope

-Login using your shubhabibaha e-mail ID and Password.
-Click on Add Horoscope link in My Tools section.
-Click on Generate Horoscope link.
-It will take one minute to generate your horoscope online by completing the form that is provided to you.
-You can generate your horoscope online for free in nine different languages (English, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Malayalam, Gujarati, Marathi, Hindi, and Bengali) -and four formats.


What are the other ways to add horoscopes?

-E-mail your horoscope to with your Profile ID and Password.
-Post your horoscope to our office with your Profile ID and Password.
-We will upload your horoscope to your profile free of cost.

What is a Trust Seal?

Trust Seal adds credibility to your profile. cross-verifies the documents you upload with the details provided in your profile. This authenticates your profile and activates your Trust Seal. This gives your profile the value it deserves.

Get the Trust Seal! Give your profile credibility! Get more responses!

What are the types of Trust Seal and how do I get them?

Get your Trust Seal in few easy clicks. Just upload a copy of the required document and your trust badge is activated.

There are four types of Trust Seal:

Identity Seal -

Upload a copy of any of the following documents: Driving License / Ration Card / Adhaar Card / Voters ID Card / PAN Card to activate this badge.


Social Seal -

To activate this badge, please connect your Facebook and /or LinkedIn profile.
(NOTE : We will not post anything on your Facebook / LinkedIn account)


Professional Seal -

Please upload a copy of your latest education certificate and / or salary slip or if you are running your own business, the latest electricity or telephone bill issued in your company's name to activate this badge.

How is your document validated?

When you upload a document to activate your Trust Seal, will cross verify the details with those provided in your profile and authenticate them. Please be assured that your uploaded document will not be displayed to your prospects. They will only know that you have uploaded a copy of your document.